Windows Azure Active Directory Cloud

Collaborating with Jonah Sterling and the Windows Azure team for branding, we reworked code framework from the Office 365 platform to create an Active Directory cloud portal. Updating the user interface, I created medium fidelity prototypes for stakeholders and worked with front-end developers to rewrite the CSS to adhere to Windows Azure brand standards.

Active Directory Portal Design (pdf)

Enterprise Business Management

Microsoft’s Enterprise Business Management System team needed a new sales forecasting tool to assist their worldwide sales force. Collaborating with another UX Designer, I created a Silverlight prototype using the Expression Blend’s Sketchflow tool. This interactive prototype was used for international user testing and quick iterations.


Amazon Seller Forum

Working on the Seller Experience Design team I was responsible for the concept, workflows, wireframes, visual design and documentation for a total redo of Amazon’s Seller Forums. Our concept was to empower the seller community with answers and ideas by creating a friendly hang out that would encourage sellers and developers to ask questions, give advice, and share ideas. This was also considered an excellent opportunity to reduce customer service inquiries and improve the bottom line.

Framework Documents (pdf)

Precor International

Our goal at Ascentium was to convert Precor’s online image from an outdated brochure site to a slick eCommerce experience worthy of their high-end equipment. As part of an interdisciplinary team, I worked on creating an in-depth interactive prototype using Axure RP Pro specifically working on the compare products area and the checkout process.


For this complete redesign of corporate web portal, I created a Web Strategy Team that contained a representative from each department in the company. Together we brainstormed about relevant content based on our experience and user interviews. We then went into the field to test prototype iterations. Along with managing the web strategy group, I was responsible for the visual design, html, css, style guides and templates. As a result of our efforts the site won several awards:

2005: Best Design, Healthcare Professionals Portal
2004: Best User Interface, Physicians Medical Practice
2003: Best Overall Site for a Medical Group

City of Seattle

Initially the goal was to update the Fleets and Facilities Department’s large intranet site. It was obvious that I needed to evangelize a complete redesign. After sharing my concepts with the Technical and Support Services Manager we agreed it was the right thing to do. Working together we created an important tool for the department and their clients saving the City a great deal of time and money.

I designed the site using templates and server side includes for HTML and JavaScript snippets. I also created the photo montage and all visual design assets including CSS.

Before Redesign